MB Century has been developing highly specialist techniques for measuring the high pressures and temperatures found in geothermal wells for more than 50 years. We’ve also developed equipment for the evaluation of both internal and external corrosion of well casings. This is a key part of our offering. Our latest suite of drilling measurement tools are so ahead of the curve they’ve been bought by most major players in the sector.

Our data logging services include:

  • Down hole logging
  • Completion testing
  • High temperature casing corrosion evaluation
  • Production and reinjection well testing
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Video camera well monitoring
  • Radial Cement Bond logging

As well as providing state of the art wireline and slickline services we also offer:

  • Production chemistry and tracer dilution testing
  • Water and geothermal sampling
  • Full laboratory testing services
  • Environmental monitoring


MB Century offers a comprehensive sampling, monitoring and reporting service to the geothermal energy sector – our dedicated geothermal monitoring team specialises in:
  • Single and two-phase geochemical sample collection
  • Geothermal production chemistry sample collection
  • Geothermal emissions monitoring
  • Tracer dilution well testing
  • Groundwater monitoring – water level and temperature profiles
  • Groundwater chemistry sample collection
  • Geothermal surface feature photopoint surveys and monitoring
The MB Century geothermal team can also provide solutions for monitoring and reporting of stream flows, thermo-tolerant vegetation and aquatic ecology.


MB Century owns and operates an IANZ accredited environmental laboratory; providing sampling, testing and reporting for potable, environmental and waste waters. We offer resource consent monitoring services to support the requirements of many consented activities including but not limited to:
  • Local government
  • Dairy
  • Forestry
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Small water supplies
  • Contaminated sites
  • Environmental monitoring
The MB Century laboratory team provides Ministry of Health approved testing for potable water - compliant to the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards 2005 (revised 2008).


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